Our anesthesiologists come from a diversity of major academic medical centers including UCLA, UCSF, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Stanford, and University of Pennsylvania. The combined practice experience of our group encompasses every type of surgical procedures, on patients of every age, in all possible surgical venues. Our physicians are experts in the the areas of sedation, pharmacology, physiology, and basic to advanced life support. Because of Anesthesiology’s embracement of the philosophy of safety, the Institute of Medicine has recently held it up as the benchmark for safe practices in all medical specialties.

While conscious sedation, monitored anesthesia care (MAC), and general anesthesia can be provided for patients by dentists with five to 24 months of anesthesia training, our group consists of 30 medical doctors who are board certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology. We have completed four or more years of residency and fellowship training in Anesthesiology.

Highly trained anesthesiologists can offer dental and oral surgery patients preoperative medical evaluation by a physician, the comfort and safety of varying levels of sedation for dental procedures, and outstanding care during the immediate post-procedure care and recovery. Anesthesia safety studies reveal that anesthesia administered by board certified is many times safer than anesthesia administered by non-anesthesiologist providers in an office setting.